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スペイン社と販売契約Distributor agency of company in SPAIN

高耐久・安全設計 前面に        (日刊工業新聞 2012年7月13日掲載)

Nitrogen Gas Spring for press die
Distributor Agency of company in Spain
The Kataya Dot Com Inc.

Appeal the high quality, 
high durability and safe desig

Mr. Yuji Takagi is a president and CEO of The Kataya Dot Com Inc who started a new business, sales of Gas Spring for the press die. 

He cooperates with the manufacturer in Spain and sells their products of Nitrogen Gas in Japan.The price of average among the best selling standard item is about 14,000-yen per piece.The features are original safe design and long life of product. He expects the sales wil hit 100,000,000-yen within 3 years. 

 The Kataya was nominated as representative by NITORGAS and concluded a contract of distributor agency.Gas spring of NITROGAS is merchandise of infusing the Nitrogen gas in sealed and to use for press forming dies as the force.One of the features is high durability that is guaranteed for stroke of 2 millions.The other is many original patents technique.There is a function that leaking gas intentionally to refrain explosion in case of over the stroke of piston rod.And there is a special patent technology to stable working of the product as circumstances, if center of the die miss the point or the touching surface is inclined due to unforeseen reason, such as side thrust is absorbed up to max. 3 degrees.

On the other hand, special products are suitable for the process of high tensile steel that is trend to use for frame and body of cars, piston rod stops at the lowest point of press for a few seconds or longer intentionally without cooling device.Not only standard products, but also there are special products which is designed for hot forming process.Maintenance service is also available at The Kataya Dot Com.The specialists of The Kataya are trained for maintenance service by NITROGAS.

Gas springs of NITROGAS are very popular and used by car makers in Europe and Korea and major suppliers.The Kataya only have the right to sell the NITROGAS in Japan.They are going to introduce NITROGAS to the all domestic automobile industry.




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